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Bald Hills Cemetery
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

225 Barrett St
Bracken Ridge Qld 4017
Ph (07) 3403 5935

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jun 19, 2007. Total records = 183.

Contributor's Index:

Anderson, Daisy May, d. 1 Sep 1959 aged 64yrs, [JD]
Anderson, Jessie, d. 10 Jun 1938, aged 87yrs, s/w John Anderson (husband) , [JD]
Anderson, John, d. 5 Sep 1916 at Sandgate, aged 72 yrs, s/w Jessie Anderson (wife), [JD]
Anderson, Peter Graham, d. 6 Aug 1959, aged 76yrs, [JD]
Anderson, William, d. 27 Jan 1934, age 61yr, [JT]
Bates, Charles Wesley, b. 12/9/1877, d. 10/03/1965, age: 88yr, buried with wife, [LS]
Bates, Lillian Maud Stephens, b. 15/11/1889, d. 04/05/1974, bur. 05/05/1974, age: 85yr, w/o Charles Wesley, [LS]
Baumann, W. A., d. 15 Jan 1944, age: 67yrs, s/w W.O. Baumann (wife), [JD]
Baumann, W. O., d. 5 Oct 1953, age: 72yrs, s/w W.A. Baumann (husband), [JD]
Bennett, Annie Eliza, d. 6 Dec 1951, age 85yr, s/w & w/o William, [JT]
Bennett, William Thomas, d. 7 Apr 1923, age 71yr, [JT]
Benton, Cecil Norman, d. 1 Nov 1926, age 31yr, [JT]
Bollen, Ernest C, d. 29 Apr 1934, age 51yr, [JT]
Bollen, Jane, d. 13 May 1934, age 55yr, [JT]
Bond, Doris Mary, d. 21 Jun 1959, age 69yr, [JT]
Bond, Edwin James, d. 8 Feb 1956, age 68yr, [JT]
Brandenburg, Christine Hanna, b. 25 Sep 1828, Brissow, Ukermark, Prussia, d. 18 Aug 1915, Coward Street, Sandgate, w/o Wilhelm Brandenburg, d/o Wilhelm Bottcher, bur 19 Aug 1915, [KH]
Brandenburg, Ellen Mathilda, b. 30 Oct 1885, d. 12 Jun 1887, d/o Frederick A.W. Brandenburg and Katherine White, bur. 13 Jun 1887, [KH]
Brandenburg, Wilhelm, b.1831, Prussia, d. 14 Jul 1886, h/o Christine Hanna Brandenburg, s/o Elis Brandenburg and Maria Flerrings, bur 15 Jul 1886, [KH]
Brittain, George Edgar, d. 28 Apr 1960, age 68yr, [JT]
Brushe, Martha M., d. 28 Jan 1959, aged 65yrs, s/w Johann Carl Streiner, [JD]
Chadwick, Maurice Robert, 15 Feb 1957, age 42yr, accidentally killed, [JT]
Cower, Emily, d. 28 Apr 1939, age 73yr, s/w & w/o William Cower, [JT]
Cower, William Morton, d. 17 Feb 1933, age 67yr, [JT]
Cox, Eppo Francis, b. 1889, d. 1896, [JT]
Cox, Jessie Leeman, b. 1867, d. 1950, s/w Eppo, [JT]
Cox, Thomas Henry, b. 1841, d. 1906, s/w Eppo, [JT]
Cox, Vernon Henry, b. 1892, d. 1963, s/w Eppo, [JT]
Craigie, Athole, d. 15 Jul 1937, age 71yr, of Hoylake, England, [JT]
Crawford, William James, d. 27 Aug 1885, age 42yr, s/o Matthew Crawford, late of Rockfield Co, Westmeath, Ireland, [JT]
Davis, Albert, d. 11 Nov 1913, age 28yrs, h/o Eva Davis, [JT]
Day, Agnes Margaret, d. 29 Nov 1948, age 64yr, [JT]
Day, Alice, d. 27 Jan 1945, age 82yr, s/w & w/o Herbert, [JT]
Day, Florence, d. 13 Aug 1887, age 2yr, s/w Herbert, [JT]
Day, Henry, d. 26 Dec 1902, age 65yr, [JT]
Day, Herbert, d. 9 Sep 1944, age 81yr, s/w Alice, [JT]
Day, Jane, d. 11 Dec 1922, age 87yr, w/o & s/w Henry Day, [JT]
Day, John Barry, d. 25 Sept 1996, age 54yr, [JT]
Day, Walter, d. 30 Jul 1887, age 2mths, s/w Herbert, [JT]
Deacon, Agnes, d. 6 Oct 1913, age 53yrs, w/o Henry Marshall, d/o & s/w Mary Deacon, [JT]
Deacon, Charles Smith, d. 26 Mar 1887 Devonshire, age 29yr, s/w Mary Deacon, [JT]
Deacon, Mary Smith, d. 27 Nov 1866, age 20yr, sis/o & s/w Catherine Girling, [JT]
Deacon, Mary, d. 20 Sept 1884, age 66yr, [JT]
Dixon, Charles, d. 5 Sep 1907, age 67yr, [JT]
Dixon, Mina, d. 1 Sep 1911, age 72yr, w/o & s/w Charles, [JT]
Donadel, Seconda (Tony), lost Halkin disaster, Moreton Bay, Jul 1960, [JT]
Done, Robert S, d. 3 Jul 1937, age 69yr, [JT]
Duffy, Edward, d. 19 Jan 1962, age 83yr, [JT]
Dyer, Betty M, d. 16 Feb 1932, age 10yr, [JT]
Dyer, Edward Victor Herbert, d. 19 Aug 1972, age 82yr, s/w Betty, [JT]
Dyer, Mabel Lee, d. 24 Jan 1975, age 79yr, w/o Edward, s/w Betty, [JT]
Ellis, Annie Louisa, d. 21 May 1952, age ?, s/w & w/o William, [JT]
Ellis, William J, d. 1 Dec 1935, age 60yr, [JT]
England, David, d. 25 Feb 1907, age 74yr, h/o Jane, [JT]
England, David, d. 6 Aug 1957, age 79yr, h/o Margaret, s/w David, [JT]
England, Margaret Mary, d. 23 Dec 1981, age 90yr, w/o & s/w David, [JT]
Evans, Elsie Jane, b. 1904, d. 1952, s/w Eppo Cox, [JT]
Foley, Etti, d. 10 Oct 1931, age?, [JT]
Foley, William P, Priest, d. 20 Sep 1955, age ?, s/w Etti, [JT]
Forbes, Alexander Abernethy, b. 30 Jun 1851, d. 26 Jan 1882, [JT]
Francis, William, d. 28 May 1948, aged 74yrs, [JD]
Gandy, Edmund J, d. 22 Feb 1938, age 56yr, [JT]
Girling, Catherine Ann, d. 14 Nov 1865, age 21yr, s/w Mary Smith Deacon, [JT]
Girvan, Ellen, d. 10 Jul 1957, age 63yr, [JT]
Girvan, Robert James, d. 12 Jul 1956, age 75yr, [JT]
Goodson, Susan, d. 15 Jan 1944, age 86yr, s/w William, [JT]
Goodson, William Jenkins, d. 12 Jun 1940, age 82yr, [JT]
Granville, Reginald William Edward, d. 5 Dec 1935, age 5 1/2 yr, s/w & g/son of Bessie Moyle, [JT]
Grice, Dora Marian, d. 9 May 1979, age 82, s/w Joseph, [JT]
Grice, Ellen M G, Aunty Gwen, d. 28 Jul 2002, age 80yr, d/o Doris & Joe, s/w Joseph, [JT]
Grice, Joseph Charles, d. 5 Nov 1955, age 55 yrs, [JT]
Griffith, Eric Lloyd, d. 4 Aug 1992, age 76yr, s/w Doris Bond, my dear Husband, [JT]
Hall, Charlotte, d. 21 Mar 1910, aged 59yrs, s/w John Hall (husband), John Richard Hall (son) and Thomas Whiteway, [JD]
Hall, John Richard, d. 11 Nov 1904, aged 27yrs, s/w Charlotte and John Hall (parents) and Thomas Whiteway, [JD]
Hall, John, d. 4 Jan 1883, aged 47yrs, s/w Charlotte Hall (wife), John Richard Hall (son) and Thomas Whiteway, [JD]
Hansen, Bert William, d. 23 Jan 1952, age 19yr, [JT]
Hicks, Edith, d. 22 Mar 1993, age 89yrs, w/o & s/w William Hicks, [JT]
Hicks, William, d. 27 Mar 1961, age 65yrs, [JT]
Hindmarsh, Amy Shapton, d. 15 Jul 1943, age 92yr, w/o & s/w William, [JT]
Hindmarsh, William, d. 7 Aug 1922 Sandgate, age 69yr, [JT]
Hofner-Streiner, Emilie Caroline, geb 25 Jan 1850 (indistinct), gest 5 Jan 1924, [JD]
Horne, Elenore Frances, d. 12 Mar 1914, age 32yr, [JT]
Horne, John Hames, d. 3 Dec 1941, age 68yr, [JT]
Humphreys, Violet Louisa, d. 27 Oct 1956, age: 66yrs, [JD]
Hutton, Maxwell Henry, d. 19 Feb 1930, age 18yr, [JT]
Hyslop, Edith, d. 27 Jan 1934, w/o D.Scott Hyslop, [JD]
Ingram, Beryce Lorraine, d. 17 Jan 1956, age 17yr, [JT]
Irvine, Henry Frank, d. 28 Nov 1950, aged 65yrs, [JD]
Jack, Alexander, d. 7 Dec 1929, age 72yr, s/w & s/o Thomas, [JT]
Jack, Helen, d. 23 Feb 1931, age 75yr, s/w & d/o Thomas, [JT]
Jack, Jessie, d. 3 Nov 1935, age 63yr, s/w & d/o Thomas, [JT]
Jack, John, d. 5 Oct 1935, age 75yr, s/w & s/o Thomas, [JT]
Jack, Thomas, d. 27 Jan 1932, age 68yr, s/w & s/o Thomas, [JT]
Jack, Thomas,, d. 29 Oct 1904, age 77yrs, drowned at Sandgate, [JT]
Lacey, Desmond, d. 22 Dec 1940, aged 14yrs 7mths, "drowned at Boondal", "our beloved grandson", s/w with plaque to Geo W. Hill Lacey, [JD]
Lacey, Geo W. Hill, d. 8 Jul 1952, aged 68yrs, 5806 Private 18 Battalion, plaque on grave of Desmond Lacey, [JD]
Lawrance, Daniel, d. 16 May 1934, age: 48yrs, [JD]
Lawrance, Henry James, d. 24 Jul 1901 at Sandgate, age: 43yrs, s/w Mary Lawrance, [JD]
Lawrance, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1931, age: 81yrs, s/w Henry James Lawrance, [JD]
Lawrence, Ann Elizabeth, d. 11 Apr 1979, aged 73yrs, s/w Bertha Lynch (mother), [JD]
Lawton, David, b. 1884, d. 1972, [JT]
Lawton, James Thomas, b. 1856, d. 1931, [JT]
Leslie, Hamilton, d. 2 Apr 1906, age 5 mths, s/o William & Matilda Leslie, [JT]
Leslie, Matilda, d. 27 Jul 1917, age 49yr, [JT]
Lightbody, Emily Mary, d. 17 Oct 1914, s/w George Tyrer Lightbody (husband), [JD]
Lightbody, George Tyrer, d. 27 Sep 1898, aged 52yrs, s/w Emily Mary Lightbody (wife), [JD]
Lovering, William Francis,, d. 14 Aug 1960, 42nd Btln, [JT]
Lynch, Bertha, d. 29 Dec 1947, aged 66yrs, s/w Ann Elizabeth Lawrence (daughter), [JD]
MacDonald, John, d. 18 Feb 1897, age 56yr, [JT]
MacDonald, John, d. 26 Dec 1912, age 25yrs, s/w & s/o John, [JT]
MacDonald, William Robert, d. in infancy, s/w & s/o John, [JT]
Mackenzie, Lilly, d. 13 Jun 1943, aged 70yrs, [JD]
Massam, ?, d. 28 Jun 1947, age 22yr 5mths, [JT]
Massam, Elizabeth Maud, d. 18 Jun 1968, age 72yr, s/w & w/o Hardie, [JT]
Massam, Hardie, d. 10 Mar 1964, age 69yr, s/w son Massam, [JT]
Mathers, Mary Ann, d. 30 Mar 1933, age 65yr, [JT]
McCreath, Robert, d. 6 Mar 1928, age 79yr, [JT]
McDonald, Alexander Sidney, d. 5 Apr 1818, age 24yr, stretcher bearer, pte, 49th Btln, s/o Margaret McDonald, KIA at Dernacourt, s/w John, [JT]
McDonald, Margaret, d. 20 Apr 1932, age 78yr, s/w John MacDonald, [JT]
Meredith, Fanny Louisa, d. 21 Dec 1937, age 42yr, [JT]
Meredith, Norman James, d. 1 Jan 1945, age 30yr, s/w Fanny, [JT]
Moyle, Bessie Wood, d. 27 Mar 1930, age 52yr, [JT]
Moyle, William Henry Morcombe, d. 23 Dec 1996, age 83yr, s/w Bessie, [JT]
Moyle, William Henry, d. 18 Oct, 1939 age 69yr, s/w Bessie, [JT]
Muller, Peter George, d. 20 Jul 2001, age 61yr, [JT]
Muller, Stasia, d. 27 Jun 1937, age 21yr, w/o Les Muller, [JT]
O'Hara, Mary Sophia, d. 15 Jul 1961, age?, [JT]
Orchard, Margaret Scanlan, d. 26 Jun 1950, age 56yr, s/w Richard, [JT]
Orchard, Richard Hiriam, d. 19 Jun 1942, age 47yr, [JT]
Palmer, Barbara Agnes, d. 30 Aug 1997, age 66yr, [JT]
Philp, Arthur Haig, d. 19 Sep 1933, age ?, [JT]
Philp, William John, d. 10 Aug 1935, age ?, s/o Sidney Broad Philp & Dorothy Lillian Philp, [JT]
Rainbow, Frank Edward, d. 9 Mar 1951, age 18yr, [JT]
Rainbow, Victor George, d. 8 Jan 1961, age 26yr, s/w Frank, [JT]
Robertson, Hilda Sarah, d. 17 Mar 1936, age: 87yrs, s/w William Robertson (husband), [JD]
Robertson, William, d. 15 Nov 1931, age: 86yrs, s/w Hilda Sarah Robertson (wife), [JD]
Robinson, Australia, d. 1 Feb 1929, age: 48yrs, s/w William Robinson (husband) and Clifford Norman Robinson and C.M. Robinson, [JD]
Robinson, C. M.,, d. 5 Jan 2005, age: 85yrs, A.A.S.C. QX37444 Lieut, [JD]
Robinson, Clifford Norman, d. 4 Mar 1925, age: 9 years, s/w William and Australia Robinson and C.M. Robinson, [JD]
Robinson, Esther Elizabeth, d. 12 May 1994, age: 95yrs, s/w Henry Bruce Robinson (husband), [JD]
Robinson, Henry Bruce, d. 23 Mar 1960, age: 68yrs, s/w Esther Elizabeth Robinson (wife), [JD]
Robinson, William, d. 16 Mar 1927, age: 51yrs, s/w Australia Robinson (wife) and Clifford Norman Robinson and C.M. Robinson, [JD]
Salisbury, Helena Jane, d. 30 Nov 1934 age: 53yrs, s/w Henry Ernest Salisbury, [JD]
Salisbury, Henry Ernest, b. 1876, d. 1968, s/w Helena Jane Salisbury, [JD]
Shaw, Jack Stanley George, d. 9 Sep 1996, age 71yr, [JT]
Sheppard, Edward, d. 20 Mar 1950, age 64yr, s/w & h/o Emily, [JT]
Sheppard, Elma Rose, b. 25 Oct 1927, d. 20 Jan 1956, [JT]
Sheppard, Emily Louisa, d. 16 Sep 1934, age 47yr, [JT]
Sheppard, William Alfred, b. 1 Jan 1922, d. 5 Sep 1990, s/w Elma, [JT]
Slaughter, Charles Thomas, d. 26 Sep 1933, age 78yr, [JT]
Slaughter, Mary Ann, d. 26 Oct 1931, age 72yr, s/w Charles, [JT]
Spillman, Mabel Olive, d. 18 May 1998, age 95yr, [JT]
Stafford, William, d. 29 May 1913, age ?, erected by his Niece Phoebe F Leslie, [JT]
Steele, Anna Matilda, d. 30 Jan 1941, age 73yr, w/o Edmund Steele, [JT]
Steele, Edmund Valentine, d. 9 Jul 1955, age 87yr, [JT]
Stewart, Alfred David, d. 10 May 1952, aged 79yrs, s/w Gladys and Rosamond Elizabeth Stewart, [JD]
Stewart, Annie, d. 26 or 28 Jul 1932 (indistinct), "in her 50th year", [JD]
Stewart, Gladys, d. 9 Oct 1918, aged 7yrs, 4th d/o A.D. & R.E. Stewart, s/w Alfred David Stewart and Rosamond Elizabeth Stewart, [JD]
Stewart, Margaret, d. 21 May 1933, age: 74yrs, [JD]
Stewart, Rosamond Elizabeth, 26 ?? 1963, aged 87yrs, s/w Gladys and Alfred David Stewart, [JD]
Streat, Albert T, d. 1 Aug 1935, age 11yr, s/w Hellen, [JT]
Streat, Hellen E, d. 7 Dec 1937, age 46yr, [JT]
Streiner, Johann Carl, geb den 14 Apr 1884, gest den 20 Aug 1901, s/w Julius Teufel, [JD]
Streiner, Johann Carl, geboren den 23 Marz 1840, gestorben den Februar 1915, s/w Martha M. Brushe, [JD]
Teufel, Julius, d. 28 Oct 1931, aged 50 yrs, h/o M.M. Teufel, s/w Johann Carl Streiner, [JD]
Theodore, Harriette, d. 30 Sep 1953, age 82yr, [JT]
Thomas, T. A., d. 14 Mar 1934, [JD]
Thomas, T. A., d. 14 Mar 1934, aged 77yrs , [JD]
Todd, Elizabeth, d. 2 Feb 1931, age 75yr, w/o & s/w William Wallace, [JT]
Turner, Hilary Mark, d. 8 Jan 1939, age 19yr, [JT]
Wallace, Elizabeth, b. 20 Aug 1885, d. 7 Jul 1927, d/o & s/w William Wallace, [JT]
Wallace, William, d. 9 Dec 1902, age 74yr, [JT]
Webb, Douglas, d. 9 Mar 1932, age 9yr, accidentally killed at Sandgate, [JT]
Webber, , d. 25 Dec 1954, [JT]
Webber, Alfred F, d. 15 Jul 1954, age?, [JT]
White, James Robert, d. 4 Jun 1957, age: 70yrs, s/w Mary Frances White, [JD]
White, Mary Frances, d. 8 Sep 1971, age: 84 yrs, s/w James Robert White, [JD]
Whiteway, Thomas, d. 8 Feb 1888, aged 88yrs, s/w John and Charlotte Hall and John Richard Hall, [JD]
Whitnall, Mary, d. 11 Oct 1931, age 26 yrs, w/o C H Whitnall, [JT]
Wickham, Ellen, no dates, age 75yr, a relict of the late Captain John Clements Wickham RN, Government resident of Qld from 1853 - 1859, [JT]
Zeller, Benjamin, d. 25 Sep 1982, aged 74yrs, "Pop", s/w Ruth Alice Zeller and Joseph Zeller, [JD]
Zeller, Joseph, d. 26 Aug 1955, aged 19yrs, s/w Benjamin Zeller and Ruth Alice Zeller, [JD]
Zeller, Ruth Alice, d. 11 Mar 1985, aged 71yrs, "Nana", s/w Benjamin Zeller and Joseph Zeller, [JD]

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