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St George Cemetery
St George, Queensland, Australia

Compiled and contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)
submitted: 1999, last edited Dec 26, 2006.
Total records = 1,724.

St George is about six hours drive west of Brisbane. The best route seems to be via Warwick (New England Highway), and thence by the Cunningham Highway to Goondiwindi, and westwards by the Barwon Highway. The country is flat, flat, flat. The town is situated on the Balonne River, which has a weir, built in the fifties. It was formerly a sheep grazing area, but the advent of water has brought greater diversity, with wheat and cotton growing. The nearest railhead is at Thallon, some fifty miles distant, so road transport is very important. The cemetery is just outside the town on the north side, on the road to Surat. It is about 100 metres off the road.

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