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South Chatswood Methodist Cemetery
Chatswood South, Sydney Metropolitan Region, New South Wales

South Chatswood Methodist Cemetery

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South Chatswood Methodist Cemetery

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South Chatswood Methodist Cemetery

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Pacific Hwy and Mowbray Rd, Chatswood South, NSW

Contributed by John Miller, Sep 18, 2006 [johnjmiller@bigpond.com]. Total records = 127.

The South Chatswood Methodist Cemetery can be found at the corner of Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road in Chatswood South, in New South Wales.

This charming Wesleyan Methodist (now Uniting) church opened in 1871 and the first burial in its churchyard was the infant Mary Elizabeth Holland in 1873. This cemetery is one of only two remaining 19th century churchyard cemeteries on Sydney's North Shore. The other is in Saint Johns Ave, Gordon.

After this cemetery closed in 1924, it suffered extreme vandalism. The sandstone and marble headstones were smashed, stolen or defaced. In 1970, only four of the 65 monuments remained undamaged. The area itself was sad and neglected.

A proposal in 1974 to remove the headstones, grass the area and convert it into a park met with public outcry. Obviously this practice no longer reflected the wish of a more heritage conscious community. Having received a generous gift of the cemetery from the Uniting Church and keen to conserve a special piece of local history, Lane Cove Council asked the National Trust (NSW) in 1981 to prepare a restoration plan. A committee was formed comprising representatives from the Council, the local community, the Uniting Church congregation and the Trust.

The National Trust insisted that as many of the damaged monuments as practicable be restored 'in situ' and that the original landscape and plantings be preserved and enhanced. The landscape work was carried out by Council staff and the masonry repair by an experienced contractor using modern materials like bronze dowels, waterproof Araldite and acrylic resin. A park-rail fence re-enclosed the site and new lighting was installed.

This cemetery was rededicated in February 1984 as the Pioneers' Memorial Reserve and has since been included on the Register of the National Estate. It continues to be very well maintained by Lane Cove Council, 48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove 2066, ph 9911 3555.

This list is based on the early burial register held on micro film at Lane Cove Library. I walked and read this cemetery on 15 Sep 2006.

- John Miller

Cemetery Records

(MI) = Has surviving memorial inscription

Barnes, Mary, d. 1 Oct 1900, age 77 yrs, w/ Thomas snr, bur with husb and son (MI)
Barnes, Thomas (snr), d. 11 Jan 1882, age 60 yrs, h/ Mary, bur with wife and son (MI)
Barnes, Thomas, d. 12 Jun 1886, age 34 yrs, "My dear husband", bur with parents (MI)
Bartlett, Francis W, d. 24 Aug 1902, age 37 yrs, bur with son Herbert (MI)
Bartlett, Herbert Stanley, d. 27 Jul 1920, age 26 yrs, bur with father (MI)
Bowen, Charles, d. 26 Jan 1902, age 79 yrs, bur with w/ Leah and Henry Lye (MI)
Bowen, Leah, d. 11 Jul 1902, age 79 yrs, bur with h/Charles and and Henry Lye (MI)
Bryson, Hugh Robert, d. 16 Mar 1878, age 35 yrs, bur with f/ John and brother William (MI)
Bryson, John, d. 2 Aug 1882, age 72 yrs, bur with sons Hugh and William (MI)
Bryson, William, d. 22 Dec 1893, age 19 yrs, bur with f/ John and brother Hugh (MI)
Carr, Esther Mary, d. 27 Aug 1910, age 69 yrs, bur with husband Thomas (MI)
Carr, Thomas William, d. 18 Apr 1917, age 81 yrs, bur with wife Esther (MI)
Carruthers, James Prince, d. 22 Aug 1884, age 7 mths
Dyson, Elizabeth Matthewson, d. 1950, age 84 yrs
Farr, Eric Knight, d. 13 May 1904, age 4 yrs
Field, Alice Margaret Ann, d. 1893, age 1 yr, Daughter of Sivyer and Phoebe Field
Field, John, d. 10 Jun 1887, age 76 yrs
Field, Margaret Ann, d. 26 Aug 1913, age 81 yrs
Field, Sivyer Henry, d. 1919, age 49 yrs, Son of John and Margaret
Forsyth, James A. K. "Bill", d. 5 Dec 1999, age 81 yrs, h, f, g-f, Captain 2/9 Fd. Regt, R.A.A., plaque attached to Margaret, James, Thomas Field grave (MI)
Forsyth, James, d. 11 Apr 1907, age 89 yrs, bur with Margaret and Thomas (MI)
Forsyth, James, d. 8 Feb 1903, age 37 yrs, "Husband of Minnie E", bur with Lewis and Little Jim (MI)
Forsyth, Lewis Devall, d. 15 Sep 1924, age 33 yrs, son of James and Minnie E (MI)
Forsyth, Lilian Florabel Rosewall, d. 1 Apr 1890, age 1 yr 8 mths, Dau of Robert and Stephana (MI)
Forsyth, Little Jim (James T), d. 25 May 1919, age ?
Forsyth, Margaret, d. 21 Feb 1891, age 73 yrs, bur with James and Thomas (MI)
Forsyth, Rubina R, d. 1 Feb 1887, age 8 mths
Forsyth, Stanley James, d. 4 Aug 1901, age 8, "Son of James and Minnie E" (MI)
Forsyth, Thomas, d. 22 Apr 1880, age 56 yrs, bur with James and Margaret (MI)
French, James Harris, d. 2 Mar 1893, age 76 years (MI)
Fuller, Austin Napier, d. 10 Jul 1916, age 30 yrs, 3370 private, 2nd batt, A.I.F. (MI)
Fuller, Catherine, d. 29 Jun 1904, age 77 yrs, w/ Thomas W. Fuller
Fuller, Leslie, d.1892, age 1 yr, g-child of Thomas William Fuller
Fuller, Minnie, d. 1893, age 1 yr, g- child of Thomas William Fuller
Fuller, Thomas William, d. 5 Jul 1876, age 47 yrs
Hammond, Emily, d. 19 Jul 1919, age 74 yrs, w/ Joseph, bur with Joseph and Henry (MI)
Hammond, Henry George, d. 7 Jul 1873, age 1 yr 8 mths, bur with Emily and Joseph (MI)
Hammond, Joseph Smith, d. 25 Oct 1907, age 1 yr 4 mths, child of J. S. and V.A. Hammond (MI)
Hammond, Joseph, d. 16 Sep 1927, age 86 yrs, h/Emily, bur with Emily and Henry (MI)
Hewett, George, d. 15 Nov 1896, age 56 yrs, h, bur with Martha (MI)
Hewett, Martha Jane, d. 28 Jun 1915, age 70 yrs, w, bur with George (MI)
Hewett, Susannah, d. 21 Jul 1896, age 90 yrs, Wife of Samuel Hewett
Hill, E. R. (Edwin Russell), d. 29 Jun 1958, bur with Susan and William (MI)
Hill, Susan Reed Russell, d. 7 Jul 1922, age 80 yrs, w/ William Hill, Wesleyan Minister, bur with William and E.R. Hill (MI)
Hill, William, d. 6 Dec 1899, age 67 yrs, h/Susan, bur with Susan and E.R. Hill (MI)
Holland, Jacob, d. 10 Jul 1875, age 46 yrs
Holland, Mary Elizabeth, d. 3 Mar 1873, age 10 mths
Howard, Henry, d. 15 Sep 1915, age 75 yrs (MI)
Hurditch, Elizabeth, d. 30 Jun 1912, age 67, w/ Henry, bur with Henry (MI)
Hurditch, Henry, d. 7 Sep 1890, age 53 yrs, h/ Elizabeth, bur with Elizabeth (MI)
Janes, Mary Ann, d. 20 May 1898, age 65 yrs 6 mths, (MI)
Janes, Reuben James, d. 20 Apr 1890, age 34 yrs, "Son of George and Mary Ann" (MI)
Jermyn, Joseph L, d. 6 Aug 1890, age 73 yrs
Johns, Isabella, d. 10 Dec 1881, age 35 or 55 yrs
Johnson, Mary, d. 14 Aug 1900, age 56 yrs, w/ William, bur with William (MI)
Johnson, Richard, d. 21 Apr 1917, age 80 yrs (MI)
Johnson, William, d. 23 Mar 1900, age 72 yrs, h/Mary, bur with Mary (MI)
Jones, Charles Edwin, d. 26 May 1899, age 2 yrs
Jones, Clara Jane, d. 5 Jul 1912, age 54 yrs
Jones, George, d. 8 Aug 1912, age 72 yrs (MI)
Jones, George, d. 10 Aug 1911, age 41 yrs (MI)
Jones, James, d. 8 Sep 1907, age 75 yrs (MI)
Jones, Jane, d. 30 Nov 1890, age 67 yrs (MI)
Jones, William Joseph, d. 23 Jun 1915, age 23 yrs
King, Rebecca Louisa, d. 3 Feb 1888, age 22 yrs, "Wife of Robert King", bur with Rebecca Reely (MI)
Laughton, Grace Jane, d. Nov 1879, age 5 mths, Dau of Jane and James Laughton
Laughton, Jane, d. 30 Jul 1879, age 33 yrs, dau/ James Reid, w/ James Laughton
Lockwood, Children, d. 1884, (Infants Charles and Florence)
Lutherborrow, Letitia, d. 22 May 1901, age 61 yrs, w/ William, bur with William (MI)
Lutherborrow, William, d. 12 Jan 1910, age 71 yrs 11 mths, h/ Letitia, bur with Letitia (MI)
Mason, Elfrieda Lilian, d. 7 Jul 1904, age 4 yrs, bur with May (MI)
Mason, May Berneice, d. 1 Jul 1904, age 6 yrs 8 mths, "Loved children of F & E Mason", bur with Elfrieda (MI)
Matters, Eva, d. 11 Feb 1886, age 4 yrs 5 mths
Medlyn, Jane, d. 17 Jul 1886, age 66 yrs, w/ J.R. Medlyn
Minchen, Elizabeth, d. 15 Aug 1897, age 41 yrs (MI)
Montgomery, Andrew A, d. 20 May 1905, age 27 yrs, "h/ Mary Aleen Montgomery", Top half of stone missing (MI)
Montgomery, Jecholiah, d. 30 May 1910, age 79 yrs, w/ James Montgomery, bur with John (MI)
Montgomery, John Huddy, d. 26 May 1910, age 50 yrs, son of James and Jecholiah, bur with Jecholiah (MI)
Moores, David, d. 27 Jul 1887, age 72 yrs, w/ Hannah, bur with Hannah (MI)
Moores, Hannah, d. 17 May 1918, age 95 yrs, w/ David, bur with David (MI)
Morrow, Annie, d. 3 Sep 1883, age 42 yrs (MI)
Nye, Henry, d. 1 Jul 1899, age 83 yrs, "Brother of Mrs. C. Bowen", bur with Charles & Leah Bowen (MI)
Owen, William, d. 18 Jul 1902, age 72 yrs (MI)
Parish, James Henry, d. 27 Oct 1895, age ? (MI)
Pentecost, Gertrude Faith, d. 20 Jan 1877, age 10 mths, "Child of Richard Pentecost", bur with father (MI)
Pentecost, Richard, d. 10 May 1879, age 36 or 56 yrs, bur with Gertrude, inscription faded (MI)
Porter, Eliza Paulina, d. 25 Dec 1890, age 38 yrs
Quirk, Philip, d. 9 Sep 1900, age 69 yrs (MI)
Ramsay, Annie B, d. 29 Sep 1892, age 18 yrs, dau/ Isabella and John, "Drowned while boating", bur with parents (MI)
Ramsay, Isabella Stewart, d. 29 May 1909, age 78 yrs, w/ John, bur with Annie and John (MI)
Ramsay, John, d. 20 May 1897, age 79 yrs, h/ Isabella, bur with Isabella and Annie (MI)
Reely, Catherine, d. 25 May 1895, age 74 yrs, "Wife of John Henry Reely" (MI)
Reely, Rebecca, d. 26 Jul 1890, age 3 mths, "Dau of Thomas and Annie Reely" (MI)
Reid, James, d. 20 Jan 1876, age 63 yrs, f/ Jane Laughton
Richardson, James Christmas, d. 24 Apr 1886, age 31 yrs, bur with Sarah (MI)
Richardson, James Edward, d. 9 Feb 1882, age 10 mths
Richardson, Sarah Jane, d. 21 Jun 1887, age 27 yrs 8 mths, buried with James (MI)
Riddel, James, d. 21 Apr 1874, age 61 yrs
Riddel, Mary Ann, d. 6 May 1883, age 63 yrs, Mother of Mary Ann Smith
Robinson, Maria Elizabeth, d. 27 Jul 1878, age 22 yrs, "Wife of John Robinson" (MI)
Rose, May, d. 15 Mar 1880, age 3 (MI)
Ross, John B, d. 14 Apr 1885, age 32 yrs, Senior Constable, bur with Sarah and daughter (MI)
Ross, Sarah Ann, d. 24 Apr 1885, age 30 yrs, bur with John and daughter (MI)
Ross, Sarah, d. 1885, age 1 yr, Child of Sarah and John Ross, bur with parents (MI)
Russell, Susan Reed, d. 7 Jul 1922, age 80 yrs, w/ William Hill, Wesleyan Minister
Sanday, Joseph, d. 25 Jun 1904, age 84 yrs (MI)
Smart, Hannah, d. 2 May 1894, age 77 yrs, w/ James Smart, bur with James (MI)
Smart, James, d. 26 Aug 1876, age 65 yrs, h/ Hannah, bur with Hannah (MI)
Smith, Elizabeth, d. 12 May 1898, age 48 yrs, w/ Sidney Smith, bur with Sidney (MI)
Smith, Isabel M, d. 7 Feb 1896, age 41 yrs, Dau of J and M Sanday (MI)
Smith, Mary Ann, d. 11 May 1896, age 78 yrs, w/ Samuel Smith, bur with Samuel (MI)
Smith, Samuel, d. 9 Aug 1900, age 81 yrs, h/ Mary Ann Smith, bur with Mary (MI)
Smith, Sidney, d. 9 Jun 1909, age 64 yrs, h/ Elizabeth Smith, bur with Elizabeth (MI)
Smith, William Henry, d. 25 Feb 1878, age 11 mths, Son of Edwin and Mary Ann
Tom, Louisa, d. 18 Mar 1896, age ?, "Wife of Charles Tom, Esq. JP of Euchareena" (MI)
Vickery, Arthur John, d. 2 Mar 1901, age 30 yrs (MI)
Walker, Daniel, d. 23 May 1912, age 65 yrs, "Husband of M.A. Walker, late of Bundarra, NSW" (MI)
Walker, John, d. 30 Mar 1899, age 12 yrs (MI)
Walker, William Clyde, d. 27 Feb 1922, age 30 yrs, "Son of Daniel and M.A.Walker" (MI)
Ward, Bertie Parker, d. 26 Dec 1897, age 9 yrs, Son of Herbert and Lucy Ward
Waterhouse, Elizabeth, d. 19 Jan 1911, age 53 yrs (MI)
Wilson, George, d. 25 Jun 1880, age 67 yrs, h/ Mary, bur with Mary (MI)
Wilson, Mary, d. 8 Jan 1881, age 65, w/ George Wilson, bur with George (MI)
Woodvine, Emma Norbury, d. 7 Oct 1910, age 53 yrs, bur with dau Ettie, Top of stone broken (MI)
Woodvine, Ettie Claribell, d. 16 Mar 1889, age 10 yrs, bur with Emma (MI)
Yates, Benjamin Herbert, d. 27 Dec 1887, age 1 yr
Yates, Sarah, d. 23 Dec 1882, age ?, Inscription faded (MI)

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