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Bungendore War Memorial
Bungendore, Southern Tablelands Region, New South Wales, Australia

Contributed by Barry Stephenson [barry.stephenson@homemail.com.au].

The Bungendore War Memorial is located on the Western side of the Bungendore Park. The Memorial faces Gibralter Street. 36 men enlisted at Bungendore died during the two wars. These are not burials in Bungendore Cemetery.

Bartlett, Everand C, b. 1891 May 1915 Dardanelles, age: 24yr, s/o Harold & Catherine Leahy
Bluskie (Wrobluskie), Frank, b. Maryborough Qld, d. 7 May 1917 France, age: 36yr, s/o Valentine & Mary Wrobluskie
Brimbe, Thomas, d. 6 Apr 1918
Carnell, Arthur James, b. Bungendore, d. 25 Apr 1915 Dardanelles, age: 22yr
Champion, Christopher Henry Duncan, b. Launceston Tas, d. 14 Apr 1918 France, age: 25yr, s/o Arthur Hamerton & Mary Celia
Champion, Geoffery Servante, b. Launceston Tas, d. 25 Jul 1916 France, age: 21yr, s/o Arthur Hamerton & Mary Celia
Chinnery, Thomas Pat John Brennan, d. 18 Oct 1917 Broodseni Belgium, age: 22yr, s/o John & Margaret Lee
Daniel, John (Jack) Joseph, b. Bungendore, d. 19 Apr 1941 Egypt, age: 26yr, s/o Joseph Thomas & Lillian Overend
Douglas, Percy, d. 19 May 1915 Turkey, age: 24yr
Doyle, James Gerald Joseph, d. 22 Jan 1944 New Guinea, age: 25yr, s/o Patrick & Sarah
Finch, Loval Harley, d. Apr 1915
Gordon, John Forbes, d. 19 Nov 1942 New Guinea, age: 24yr, s/o James Henry Forbes & Gladys Noel
Hatch, Sydney Francis, b. Bungendore, d. 22 Aug 1918 France, age: 21yr, s/o Robert J & Sarah Longe
Hopkins, Charles Francis, d. 27 Aug 1918 France
Hopkins, Stanley James, b. 2 Jul 1917, d. 23 Nov 1943 Thailand, age: 26yr, s/o James & Gladys
Jacombs, David Mathew, d. 17 Sep 1915 Turkey, age: 33yr, s/o William & Josephine Lane
Leach, Herbert Wilfred, d. 19-Dec-16 France, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann Kelly
Lee, Ernest John, d. 10 Apr 1918 France, age: 22yr, s/o Hugh H & Mary Anne
Lee, Wallace Douglas, d. 29 Oct 1917 France, age: 21yr, s/o William & Margaret McEnally
Lundie, Leslie, d. 9 May 1915 Turkey, age: 27yr, s/o Charles & Betsy Izzard
Maslin, Frederick James, d. 27 Oct 1917 Begium, age: 21yr, s/o James Frederick & Christina
Masters, Albert Harold, d. 30 Jun 1915 Turkey, age: 25yr, s/o Charles & Mary Ann Taylor
Matthews, Alfred James, d. 4 Nov 1917 France, age: 22yr, s/o Albert & Jane
McFadzen, Owen, d. 15 Apr 1945 New Guinea, age: 25yr, s/o Albert Ernest & Susan Maria
McKay, Joseph Leslie, d. 7 Aug 1915, age: 30yr, s/o John & Mary
McKay, William James, d. 16 Aug 1915 Greece, age: 28yr, s/o John & Mary
O'Reilly, Terance Blachford, d. 12 Jun 1943 England, age: 23yr, s/o Bernard & Iris Osborne
Reid, Francis Sylvester, d. 22 Jan 1942 Singapore, age: 27yr, s/o Ambrose & Louisa Cullen
Ricketts, Sylvester George, d. 23 Aug 1918 France, age: 30yr, s/o John & Ann Bingley
Roach, John, d. 1 Oct 1918 France, s/o John & Mary
Rutledge, Harry Forster (Pat), d. 9 Oct 1917 Belgium, age: 26yr, s/o William Forster & Jane Ruth Murphy
Simpson, Vincent J, b. Bungendore, d. 14 Aug 1942 Egypt, age: 22yr, s/o George Joseph & Mary Jessie
Smith, Cyril Thomas, d. 23 Sep 1917 Belgium, age: 24yr, s/o Albert F & Flora M McEnally
Sparrow, John (Jack) Willaim, d. 2 Sep 1916 France, age: 27yr, s/o John & Honora
Taylor, Thomas Geroge, d. 5 Jul 1917 France, age: 38yr, s/o Owen & Harriett
Watt, David, d. 28 Jun 1943 Warwick Qld, age: 40yr, s/o David & Louise

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