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Holbrook Cemetery
Holbrook, Riverina Region, New South Wales, Australia

Holbrook Cemetery

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The town of Holbrook lies about midway between Sydney and Melbourne on the Hume Highway. To reach the cemetery, turn off Albury Rd (Hume Highway) at the landlocked submarine HMAS Otway situated in Commander Holbrook Memorial Park, into Raymond St and follow this road around to Bond St. From there you will see the cemetery located in Bath St.

Information regarding the cemetery and burials can be obtained from the Greater Hume Shire Council, Holbrook Office on (02) 60360100.

The town of Holbrook has been known by a number of names. In 1924, Hume and Hovell, the explorer's named it Friday Mount and Camden Forest. In 1836 it was known as Therry after the Rev John Therry. It was known as 10 Mile Creek by 1838. By 1858 it was called Germanton was and this name was officially gazetted in 1876. With the start of World War I, the name of the town was a source of concern for locals. The name was changed to Holbrook on 24 August 1915 after Submarine Commander Norman Douglas Holbrook. He was the first submariner to receive the Victoria Cross.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited May 12, 2006. Total records = 70.


Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Clyde, Geoffrey William, d. 8 Mar 1970, aged 61 yrs, [JD]
Curtis, Florence J, d. 2 Jun 1944, aged 26 yrs, w/o Alan, m/o David and John, [JD]
Heriot, Andrew Ernest, d. 21 Oct 1908, aged 30 yrs, [JD]
Heriot, Archibald James, d. 30 Oct 1950, aged 60 yrs, h/o Gertrude, f/o Florence and John, adjacent to Florence J. Curtis, [JD]
Heriot, Edith Alice, d. 20 Jun 1927, aged 46 yrs, d/o John and Ruth Heriot, [JD]
Heriot, Elliot (Jnr.), d. 11 Oct 1884 aged 26 yrs, s/w Louisa Heriot and Elliot Heriot (parents), [JD]
Heriot, Elliot, d. 24 Oct 1892, aged 82 yrs at 'Carabobala', s/w Louisa Heriot (wife) and Elliot Heriot (Jnr) (son), [JD]
Heriot, Gertrude Stuart, d. 8 Feb 1968, [JD]
Heriot, Harry, d. 25 Nov 1896, died at 'Old Carabobala' aged 8 mths, s/w William Mitchell Heriot, [JD]
Heriot, Heather Jean, d. 19 May 1984, aged 76 yrs, s/w Rawdon Archibald Heriot (husband), [JD]
Heriot, J. A. S., d. 30 Jun 1997, aged 76 yrs, VX64245 Trooper Armoured Corps, h/o Rita Marion Ross, married 22 Apr 1946, [JD]
Heriot, James Ancrem, d. 27 Jan 1927, aged 37 yrs, s/o Thomas Ancrem Heriot and Grace Heriot, b/o Frank, [JD]
Heriot, Jane Ethel, d. 26 Feb 1897, aged 16 yrs, [JD]
Heriot, John William Elliot (Jack), d. 19 Jul 1958, aged 75 yrs, s/w Louisa Maud Heriot (sister), [JD]
Heriot, John William Elliot, d. 27 Dec 1910, aged 68 yrs, s/w Ruth Heriot (wife), [JD]
Heriot, Keith Warner, d. 28 Feb 1923, aged 30 yrs, "erected by his loving wife Doris Heriot", [JD]
Heriot, Leila, d. 28 Aug 1976, aged 86 yrs, s/w William Thomson Heriot (husband), [JD]
Heriot, Louisa Maud, d. 18 Apr 1958, aged 79 yrs, s/w John William Elliot Heriot (brother), [JD]
Heriot, Louisa, d. 25 Sep 1889, aged 65 yrs, s/w Elliot Heriot (husband) and Elliot Heriot (jnr), [JD]
Heriot, Rawdon Archibald, d. 2 Jun 2000, aged 88 yrs, s/w Heather Jean Heriot (wife), [JD]
Heriot, Robert Mitchell (Bob), b. 17 Jan 1916, d. 16 Sep 1981, VX 29634 Aust. Imperial Force, [JD]
Heriot, Ruth, d. 1922 aged 73, s/w John William Elliot Heriot (husband), [JD]
Heriot, Thomas Ancrem, d. 22 Nov 1899 at 'Carabobala', aged 49 yrs, [JD]
Heriot, William Keith, d. 8 Dec 1990, aged 67 yrs, h/o Joan, [JD]
Heriot, William Mitchell, d. 23 Aug 1896, aged 42 yrs at 'Old Carabobala', s/w Harry Heriot (son), [JD]
Heriot, William Thomson, d. 2 Aug 1964, aged 74 yrs, s/w Leila Heriot (wife), [JD]
Kemp, Alexander Mitchell, d. 15 Aug 1971, s/o Janet and James, [JD]
Makepeace, Hector John, d. 17 Nov 1972, aged 64 yrs, [JD]
Musgrave, Gladys, d. 11 Apr 1987, aged 87 yrs, s/w Irwin Arthur Musgrave, [JD]
Musgrave, Irwin Arthur (Mick), d. 10 Sep 1969, aged 65 yrs, s/w Gladys Musgrave, [JD]
Ross, Ada, b. 2 Feb 1872, d. 24 Apr 1944, s/w Alexander Ross (husband), [JD]
Ross, Alexander James Gordon, b. 11 May 1886, d. 22 Nov 1975, h/o Mabel, [JD]
Ross, Alexander McLeish (Sandy), b. 20 Aug 1923, d. 6 Nov 1995, aged 72 yrs, "of 'Dunrossil'", [JD]
Ross, Alexander, d. 1882, aged 70 yrs, s/w Janet Ross , [JD]
Ross, Alexander, d. 27 Sep 1912, aged 68 yrs, s/w Ada Ross (wife), [JD]
Ross, Angela E. R., b. 1897, d. 1976, "of 'Stonehaven', Holbrook", s/w Neil Ross, [JD]
Ross, Charles, d. 20 Feb 1980, aged 59 yrs, s/w Joan Ross, [JD]
Ross, Dorothy Dickson, b. 13 Jan 1928, d. 13 Oct 1998, 3rd daughter of John and Rita Ross, [JD]
Ross, Emily Jane, b. 15 Jul 1863, d. 14 Nov 1946, s/w John Ross (husband), [JD]
Ross, Florence Ethel, d. 8 Jun 1951, aged 60 yrs, s/w James Roy Ross (husband), [JD]
Ross, Gordon Val, d. 28 Aug 1987, aged 57 yrs, [JD]
Ross, Helen, d. 6 Jun 1926, aged 69 yrs, s/w Robert Ross (husband), [JD]
Ross, infant, d. 23 Aug 1950 or 1956, s/o William and June Ross, [JD]
Ross, Isabella, d. 6 Jan 1948, aged 50 yrs, [JD]
Ross, James Roy, d. 31 Aug 1967, aged 75 yrs, s/w Florence Ethel Ross (wife), [JD]
Ross, James Roy, d. 6 Apr 1989, aged 69 yrs, s/w Margaret Alston Ross (wife), [JD]
Ross, James, d. 17 Dec 1926, aged 78 yrs, s/w Jean Smith Ross (wife), [JD]
Ross, Janet, d. 12 Dec 1894, aged 92 yrs, s/w Alexander Ross , [JD]
Ross, Jean Smith, d. 12 Jun 1956, aged 90 yrs, s/w James Ross (husband), [JD]
Ross, Joan, d. 31 Jul 1974, aged 54 yrs, s/w Charles Ross, [JD]
Ross, John, b. 14 Apr 1846 at Pollokshaws Scotland near Glascow, d. 30 May 1929, s/w Emily Jane Ross (wife), [JD]
Ross, John, born 'Kinross', died at 'Kanimbla', d. 5 Oct 1973, aged 82 yrs, s/w Rita Bell Ross (wife), [JD]
Ross, Julie Winifred, d. 10 Apr 1975, aged 22 yrs, [JD]
Ross, Lee, d. 14 Apr 1969, aged 46 yrs, [JD]
Ross, Mabel Constance, d. 1 Jan 1964, aged 74 yrs, w/o Alexander J.G. Ross, [JD]
Ross, Margaret Alston, d. 10 Jan 1974, aged 57 yrs, s/w James Roy Ross (husband), [JD]
Ross, Neil, b.1895 'Kinross', d. 1947 'Stonehaven', of 'Stonehaven', s/w Angela E.R. Ross, [JD]
Ross, Peter, d. 15 Jun 1975, aged 24 yrs, s/o Lee (dec.) and Rob, b/o Russell, [JD]
Ross, Rita Bell, d. 20 Apr 1961, aged 65 yrs, s/w John Ross (husband), [JD]
Ross, Robert Alexander, d. 17 Dec 1984, aged 62 yrs, h/o Lee, f/o Peter (dec.) and Russell, [JD]
Ross, Robert Valentine, d. 12 Dec 1970, aged 75 yrs, [JD]
Ross, Robert, d. 1 Mar 1938, aged 78 yrs, "last of his generation", s/w Helen Ross (wife), [JD]
Ross, William James, d. 17 Jun 1992, aged 73 yrs, h/o June Margaret Ross, [JD]
Ross, John Nigel, b. 12 Mar 1922 'Kanimbla' Holbrook, d. 1 Jun 2000, aged 78 yrs, O.A.M., 420600 Flight Lieutenant Royal Australian Air Force, s/o Rita and John, [JD]
Webb, Frank Broughton, d. 22 Sep 1941, aged 46 yrs (masonic symbol), [JD]
Webb, J. H., d. 1 Jul 1931, s/w W.C.C. Webb, [JD]
Webb, John Joseph, d. 8 Sep 1988, aged 60 yrs, [JD]
Webb, W. C.C., d. 10 Jun 1937, aged 77 yrs, s/w J. H. Webb, [JD]
Williams, A., b. 1912, d. 1917, (wooden cross), adjacent to W.A. Williams, [JD]
Williams, W. A., b. 1864, d. 1932, (wooden cross), adjacent to A. Williams, [JD]

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