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Wollombi Cemetery
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Wollombi Cemetery
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Wollombi Cemetery
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Wollombi Cemetery
Hunter & Central Coast Region, New South Wales, Australia

The village of Wollombi developed at a major junction in the Great North Road from Sydney which forked here, heading northeast to Maitland and north through Broke to Singleton.

Wollombi Cemetery is a historically significant cemetery containing memorials from the 1840s to the present day. Included in those buried at the cemetery are veterans of the Napoleonic Wars who were granted 40-hectare lots here from about 1830 as they were discharged from NSW regiments.

The cemetery is administered and maintained by the Cessnock City Council Contact Council, mail: PO Box 152, Cessnock NSW 2325, phone: 02 4993 4100, email: council@cessnock.nsw.gov.au

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 14, 2008. Total records = 203.

Contributor's Index:

Allen, Mary, d. 22 Dec 1860, aged 45yrs, w/o Robert Allen, [JD]
Baker, Frederick Craft, d. 22 Sep 1849, aged 3mths, [JD]
Bellamy, Hannah, d. 23 Mar 1852, aged 2yrs, s/w James Bellamy and Matilda Bellamy, [JD]
Bellamy, James, d. 2 Jan 1852, aged 26yrs, s/w Hannah Bellamy and Matilda Bellamy, [JD]
Bellamy, Matilda, d. 3 Apr 1852, aged 3yrs and 4mths, s/w James Bellamy and Hannah Bellamy, [JD]
Bellamy, Thomas, d. 24 Dec 1846, aged 11mths , [JD]
Bence, Charles, d. 1 Nov 1852, aged 64yrs, [JD]
Bourne, Alfred E.A., d. 3 May 1889, aged 21yrs, s/w Mary Bourne (mother), [JD]
Bourne, Edmund, d. 3 Mar 1912, aged 74yrs, s/w Esther Bourne (wife), [JD]
Bourne, Eliza, d. 3 Jun 1878, aged 81yrs, s/w William Bourne (husband), stone erected by son Giles Bourne, [JD]
Bourne, Esther, d. 3 Apr 1935, aged 93yrs, s/w Edmund Bourne (husband), [JD]
Bourne, Jeremiah, d. 2 Oct 1854, aged 16mths, s/o Michael and Mary Bourne, s/w John Morris Bourne, [JD]
Bourne, John Morris, d. 5 Oct 1854, aged 3yrs, s/o Michael and Mary Bourne, s/w Jeremiah Bourne, [JD]
Bourne, M.L.E.O., d. 25 Aug 1901, aged 24yrs, w/o W.E. Bourne, [JD]
Bourne, Mary, d. 23 Oct 1889, aged 57yrs, s/w Alfred E.A. Bourne (son) , [JD]
Bourne, William, d. 29 Oct 1882, aged 78yrs, s/w Eliza Bourne (wife), stone erected by son Giles Bourne, [JD]
Brassil, Daniel, d. 8 Dec 1853, aged 53yrs, native of the Parish of Tullow, Co. Clare Ireland, [JD]
Bridge, Dorothea, d. 5 Nov 1854, aged 4yrs, d/o George and Mary Bridge, s/w James Edward , [JD]
Bridge, Frances, d. 1856, aged 4 weeks, s/w Mary Bridge and James Bridge, [JD]
Bridge, James Edward, d. 15 Oct 1854, aged 2 yrs, s/o George and Mary Bridge, s/w Dorothea Bridge, [JD]
Bridge, James, d. 22 Aug 1866, aged 63yrs, s/w Mary Bridge and Frances Bridge, [JD]
Bridge, John Thomas, d. 18 Jul 1863, aged 9yrs 8mths 22days, [JD]
Bridge, Joseph, d. 24 Nov 1891, aged 77yrs, [JD]
Bridge, Mary, d. 24 Oct 1858, aged 23yrs, s/w Frances Bridge and James Bridge, [JD]
Bridge, William, d. 1 Nov 1861, aged 40yrs, [JD]
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 4 Aug 1924, aged 91yrs, s/w Henry Brown (husband), [JD]
Brown, Fredrick John, d. 24 Sep 1888, aged 11mths, s/o John and Selina Brown, [JD]
Brown, Henry, d. 20 Aug 1899, aged 81yrs 5mths, s/w Elizabeth Brown (wife), [JD]
Brown, Katie, d. 21 Sep 1899, aged 1yr 5mths, adjacent to Fredrick John Brown, [JD]
Budd, Thomas, d. 15 Oct 1860, aged 27yrs, [JD]
Burgess, Charles, d. 2 Jan 1903, aged 100yrs, [JD]
Burgess, Coneilus, b. 19 Nov 1866, d. 17 Dec 1870, s/w Reubin Burgess, [JD]
Burgess, Reubin, b. 21 Jun 1870, d. 12 Nov 1870, s/w Coneilus Burgess, [JD]
Cameron, Angus, d. 18 Apr 1883, aged 64yrs, native of Inverness-shire, [JD]
Cameron, Charles, d. 14 Oct 1862, aged 66yrs, native of Inverness Shire, Parish of Kilmnavig, [JD]
Cameron, Christiana, d. 19 Oct 1852, aged 39yrs, native of Inverness Shire, Parish of Kilmnavig, w/o Archable Cameron, [JD]
Cameron, Flora, d. 20 Apr 1895, aged 90yrs, native of Inverness, Shire, Scotland, [JD]
Campbell, Catharine, d. 29 Dec 1850, aged 83yrs, native of Inverness Shire, Parish of Kilmnavig , [JD]
Campbell, William, d. 21 Mar 1853, aged 42yrs, native of Scotland, stone erected by brother, [JD]
Carroll, Agnes A., d. 25 Sep 1896, aged 25yrs, [JD]
Carroll, Ellen, d. 15 Apr 1863, aged 66yrs, native of Knockany Co. Limerick Ireland, w/o George Carroll, [JD]
Carroll, George, d. 27 Aug 1871, aged 76yrs, native of Co. Limerick Ireland, late of Cessnock, erected by his son Rob Carroll , [JD]
Carroll, Louisa Bridget (Read), d. 9 Sep 1890, aged 30yrs, s/w Patrick Read (father), [JD]
Clark, John, d. 14 Nov 1875, aged 56yrs, [JD]
Cody, Amos Earl, d. 22 Sep 1989, aged 73yrs, [JD]
Cody, Norman, d. 30 Jun 1953, aged 52yrs, s/o Andrew Cody, [JD]
Crossley, Ann, b. 5 Dec 1821, d. 4 Oct 1864, aged 42yrs 10mths, leaving 10 children, s/w Thomas Crossley, [JD]
Crossley, Thomas, b. 3 Feb 1802, d. 29 Dec 1874, aged 74yrs 8mths, s/w Ann Crossley, [JD]
Crump, Benjaman, d. 11 Nov 1861, aged 3days, s/w Suseanna Crump and Mary Ann Crump, [JD]
Crump, Beryl Joan, d. 18 Dec 1972, aged 42yrs, [JD]
Crump, Francis Isaac, d. 4 Feb 1939, aged 89yrs, s/w Mary Ann Crump, [JD]
Crump, Isaac, d. 11 Jul 1896, aged 76yrs, stone erected by William and Elizabeth Crump, [JD]
Crump, Margaret Ellen, d. 7 Jan 1966, aged 78yrs, s/w William James Crump (husband), [JD]
Crump, Mary Ann, d. 12 Jun 1916, aged 69yrs, s/w Francis Isaac Crump, [JD]
Crump, Mary Ann, d. 23 Nov 1853, aged 1mth, s/w Suseanna Crump and Benjaman Crump, [JD]
Crump, Mary Eliza, d. 13 Dec 1956, aged 84yrs, s/w William Joseph Crump, [JD]
Crump, Philis, d. 23 Sep 1862, aged 37yrs, [JD]
Crump, Suseanna, d. 18 Sep 1852, aged 1day, s/w Mary Ann Crump and Benjaman Crump, [JD]
Crump, Valda May, b. 20 Dec 1935, d. 15 Aug 2006, aged 70yrs , [JD]
Crump, William James, d. 30 Aug 1980, aged 96yrs, s/w Margaret Ellen Crump (wife), [JD]
Crump, William Joseph, d. 28 Jun 1946, aged 87yrs, s/w Mary Eliza Crump, [JD]
Cunneen, Patrick, d. 28 Mar 1857, aged 7yrs, s/o Patrick and Margaret Cunneen, [JD]
Dean, Bede Vaughan, d. 15 Nov 1858, aged 72yrs, s/w Charlotte Mary Dean, [JD]
Dean, Charlotte Mary, d. 11 Nov 1953, aged 87yrs, s/w Bede Vaughan Dean, [JD]
Doyle, Thomas, d. 30 May 1878, aged 1yr 10mths, infant s/o John and Anne Doyle, [JD]
Du Moulin, J. W., d. 5 Jun 1854, aged 43yrs, Surgeon, stone erected by the people of Wollombi, [JD]
Dunlop, David, b. 2 May 1794 in Priestland Co. Antrim, d. 24 Mar 1864 at Wollombi NSW, [JD]
Dunlop, Eliza Hamilton, d. 20 Jun 1880, aged 84yrs, [JD]
Edmonds, David Morgan, d. 5 Jun 1854, infant s/o Edward and Sarah Edmonds, s/w Dinah Edmonds and John Edmonds, [JD]
Edmonds, Dinah, d. 22 May 1855, aged 62yrs, w/o Isaac Edmonds, s/w John and David Morgan Edmonds, [JD]
Edmonds, John, 5 Jan 1851, infant s/o Edward and Sarah Edmonds, s/w Dinah and David Morgan Edmonds, [JD]
Fernance, Ann Isabella, d. 12 Dec 1888, aged 71yrs, [JD]
Fletcher, Matilda, d. 28 Aug 1890, aged 76yrs, [JD]
Flitcher, James, d. 14 Mar 1860, aged 54yrs, native of Yorkshire England, [JD]
Goodman, Catherine, d. 5 Dec 1888, w/o William Goodman, [JD]
Goodman, William, d. 6 Dec 1858, aged 42yrs, native of Co. Clare Ireland, s/w Catherine Goodman (wife), [JD]
Goodwin, Amy, d. 30 Apr 1890, aged 2yrs 6mths 24days, [JD]
Goodwin, Beatrice, d. 9 Aug 1920, aged 39yrs, s/w Helena Goodwin and Hamilton Goodwin, [JD]
Goodwin, Edith Amelia, d. 27 Apr 1899, aged 32yrs, w/o Joseph Arthur Goodwin , [JD]
Goodwin, Eliza, d. 17 Jan 1933, aged 90yrs, s/w William Goodwin (husband), [JD]
Goodwin, Hamilton, d. 6 Feb 1964, aged 81yrs, s/w Beatrice Goodwin and Helena Goodwin, [JD]
Goodwin, Helena, d. 8 Oct 1938, aged 38yrs, s/w Beatrice Goodwin and Hamilton Goodwin, [JD]
Goodwin, William, d. 23 Sep 1919, aged 82yrs, s/w Eliza Goodwin (wife), [JD]
Hardcastle, Elizabeth, d. 3 May 1852, aged 13mths, [JD]
Hardcastle, Elizabeth, d. Feb 1879, aged 90yrs, native of Co. Longford Ireland, s/w Joseph Hardcastle (husband), [JD]
Hardcastle, Joseph, d. 4 Feb 1881, aged 83yrs, native of Westmeath Ireland, s/w Elizabeth Hardcastle (wife), [JD]
Harris, Andrew, d. 27 Mar 1874, aged 1yr 6mths, s/w Ellen Harris, Grace Harris and Thomas Harris, [JD]
Harris, Ellen, d. 7 Apr 1896, aged 54yrs, w/o Thomas Harris, s/w Grace Harris and Andrew Harris and Thomas Harris, [JD]
Harris, Frances Mary, d. 6 Mar 1936, aged 61yrs, s/w Thomas George Harris (husband), [JD]
Harris, Grace, d. 26 Jan 1890, aged 3yrs, s/w Ellen Harris, Andrew Harris and Thomas Harris, [JD]
Harris, Oswald Ernest, d. 1 Oct 1893, tragically killed, aged 75yrs, [JD]
Harris, Thomas George, d. 10 Nov 1928, aged 59yrs, s/w Frances Mary Harris (wife), [JD]
Harris, Thomas, d. 14 Sep 1920, aged 77yrs, s/w Ellen Harris, Grace Harris and Andrew Harris, [JD]
Hawkins, Ann, d. 15 Jul 1877, aged 68yrs, [JD]
Hawkins, William R., d. 21 Sep 1889, aged 83yrs, [JD]
Holinshed, Jonathan, d. 26 Nov 1852, aged 20mths, [JD]
Houlahan, James, d. 13 Jun 1880, aged 84yrs, native of Newmarket, Co. Cork Ireland, [JD]
Howell, John, d. 25 Apr 1870, aged 85yrs, [JD]
Howell, William J., d. 29 Oct 1869, aged 1yr 7days, [JD]
Ironmonger, Thomas, d. dates illegible, [JD]
Kenny, Denis, d. 15 Feb 1896, aged 71yrs, [JD]
Kenny, Ellen, d. 25 Aug 1876, aged 45yrs, native of Co. Limerick Ireland, w/o Denis Kenny, [JD]
Kenny, John, d. 1 Dec 1884, aged 79yrs, [JD]
Kenny, Margaret, d. 20 Jul 1892, aged 29yrs, youngest daughter of Denis and Ellen Kenny, [JD]
Kenny, Mary, d. 18 Oct 1859, aged 39yrs, w/o John Kenny, [JD]
Kerr, Hugh, d. 6 Jan 1881, aged 80yrs, native of Co. Louth Ireland, [JD]
Knight, Hannah Jane, d. 4 Aug 1881, aged 15yrs, [JD]
Lane, James, d. 24 Nov 1852, aged 58yrs, [JD]
Langan, Mary, d. 28 Sep 1896, s/w Robert Langan, [JD]
Langan, Robert, d. Feb 1879 (date hard to decipher), aged 64yrs, s/w Mary Langan, [JD]
Langlands, Charles Henry, d. 6 Dec 1903, aged 22yrs 6mths, who was accidentally drowned in Laguna Creek, s/o George and Annie Langlands, [JD]
Lloyd, Henry, d. 26 Sep 1852, aged 50yrs, s/w James Wookey, [JD]
Lynch, Hannah, d. 12 Mar 1991, aged 84yrs, s/w Veronica Lynch, [JD]
Lynch, Jane, d. 8 Jun 1955, aged 83yrs, s/w Owen Frederick Lynch, [JD]
Lynch, John, d. 18 Aug 1852, aged 64yrs, [JD]
Lynch, John, d. 20 Apr 1986 aged 84yrs. dear brother and uncle, [JD]
Lynch, Owen Frederick, d. 20 Jan 1939, aged 78yrs, s/w Jane Lynch, [JD]
Lynch, Veronica, d. 1 Jul 1968, aged 55yrs, s/w Hannah Lynch, [JD]
Madden, Francis, d. 12 Nov 1885, aged 56yrs, [JD]
Madden, John William, d. 6 Dec 1903, aged 13yrs, accidentally drowned in Laguna Creek, s/w Neva Madden, [JD]
Madden, Maria, d. 9 Aug 1916, aged 83yrs, [JD]
Madden, Neva, d. 18 Dec 1897, aged 3yrs, s/w John William Madden, [JD]
Maidens, Elijah, d. 28 Apr 1856, aged 42yrs, [JD]
Maidens, Harriet, d. 3 Apr 1848, aged 5yrs, [JD]
McGrane, George, d. 24 Sep 151, aged 3mths, infant s/o Bernard McGrane, [JD]
McKay, Amelia Anne, d. 8 Apr 1921, aged 59yrs, s/w John McKay (husband), [JD]
McKay, James George, d. 31 Oct 1913 at Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney, aged 16yrs, s/o A. & J. McKay, [JD]
McKay, John, d. 8 Mar 1935, aged 66yrs, s/w Amelia Anne McKay (wife), [JD]
McMullen, Earnest Austin, d. 18 Dec 1880, aged 2yrs 2mths, s/w James William McMullen, [JD]
McMullen, James William, d. 15 Dec 1882, aged ??, s/w Earnest Austin McMullen, [JD]
Medhurst, Adeline S.A.C., d. 4 May 1868, aged 8mths, [JD]
Milson, David Ambrose, d. 30 Oct 1890, aged 73yrs, s/w Rachel Milson (wife) and James H. Milson, [JD]
Milson, James H., d. 10 Sep 1928, of Milson's Point, aged 79yrs, s/w David Ambrose Milson and Rachel Milson, [JD]
Milson, Medora Ambrosine, d. 24 Sep 1860, aged 1yr 3days, eldest d/o David Ambrose Milson and Rachel Rhoda Milson, s/w Murray Frederick Brisbane Milson (cousin), [JD]
Milson, Murray Frederick Brisbane, d. 17 Aug 1957, aged 1yr 7mths, s/o John and Kate Ellen Milson, s/w Medora Ambrosine Milson (cousin), [JD]
Milson, Rachel, d. 5 Aug 1908, aged 80yrs, s/w David Ambrose Milson (husband) and James H. Milson, [JD]
Moore, James, d. 18 Apr 1850, aged 67yrs, s/w Margaret Moore, [JD]
Moore, Margaret, d. 13 November 1851, aged 38yrs, w/o Stephenson Moore, [JD]
Moore, Margaret, d. 4 Sep 1853, aged 63yrs, s/w James Moore, [JD]
Moore, Margaret, d. Oct 1953, aged 19mths, [JD]
Moore, Thomas, d. 17 Mar 1864, aged 19yrs, [JD]
Moore, William, d. November 1852, aged 2mths 18days, [JD]
Nichols, Francis James, d. 18 Nov 1960, aged 74yrs, [JD]
O'Connor, James, d. 3 Sep 1913, aged 59yrs, [JD]
O'Heren, John, d. 18 Jul 1851, aged 10days, s/o Patrick and Sarah O'Heren, [JD]
Paine, Mary Ann, d. 25 Jan 1854, aged 7mths, [JD]
Payne, Arnold Irwin, d. 14 Oct 1908, aged 9yrs 7mths, [JD]
Payne, Edward, d. 24 Oct 1880, aged 79yrs, [JD]
Payne, Herbert John, d. 17 May 1918, aged 33yrs, [JD]
Payne, Stephen, d. 7 Oct 1870, aged 72yrs, [JD]
Pinchen, Martha, d. 19 Nov 1889, w/o Joseph Pinchen, [JD]
Read, Patrick, d. 15 Oct 1872, aged 85yrs, s/w Louisa Bridget Carroll (daughter), [JD]
Redding, Edward Snr., d. 27 Mar 1896, aged 85yrs, [JD]
Regan, Catherine, d. 27 Jul 1865, aged 84yrs, s/w Martin Regan (husband) and Mary Regan (daughter), [JD]
Regan, Martin, d. 12 Jul 1876, aged 105yrs, native of Co. Westmeath Ireland, s/w Catherine Regan (wife) and Mary Regan (daughter), [JD]
Regan, Mary, d. 15 Feb 1877, aged 62yrs, s/w Martin and Catherine Regan (parents), [JD]
Regan, Patrick, d. 8 Nov 1855, aged 48yrs, [JD]
Roberts, Alice Elizabeth, b. 1 Jul 1885, d. 9 Jan 1888, s/w Harold Pearson Roberts, children of J.W. & E. Roberts , [JD]
Roberts, Harold Pearson, b. 1 Apr 1889, d. 24 May 1889, s/w Alice Elizabeth Roberts, children of J.W. & E. Roberts , [JD]
Roberts, Robert Cecil, d. 17 Nov 1897, aged 13yrs, s/o J. and E. Roberts, [JD]
Rootes, Charles, d. 5 Jun 1891, aged 63yrs, s/w Emma Rootes (wife), [JD]
Rootes, Emma, d. 28 Aug 1921, aged 88yrs, s/w Charles Rootes (husband), [JD]
Rootes, Emma, d. 28 Oct 1923, aged 52yrs, [JD]
Rootes, William, d. 18 Jun 1960, aged 86yrs, [JD]
Smith, George, d. 2 Feb 1894, aged 91yrs, [JD]
Smith, Margaret, d. 29 Mar 1885, aged 30yrs, s/w Thomas P. Smith (husband), [JD]
Smith, Mary, d. 20 Aug 1897, aged 63yrs, erected by her son and daughter, John and Mary, [JD]
Smith, Thomas P., d. 7 Oct 1918, aged 69yrs 9mths, s/w Margaret Smith (wife), [JD]
Smyth, Cathrine C., d. Oct 1850, aged ??, [JD]
Sommers, Junius F., d. 7 Oct 1867, aged 36yrs, [JD]
Sternbeck, Amy Amelia, d. 23 Apr 1888, aged 7mths 11days, d/o James and Elizabeth Sternbeck, [JD]
Sternbeck, Ann E., d. no date, aged 74yrs, s/w James, Laurence, Olive, Isabella and Lemington Sternbeck, [JD]
Sternbeck, Isabella, d. no date, aged 12yrs, s/w Ann E., James, Laurence, Olive and Lemington Sternbeck, [JD]
Sternbeck, James, d. no date, aged 93yrs, s/w Ann E., Laurence, Olive, Isabella and Lemington Sternbeck, [JD]
Sternbeck, Laurence, d. no date, aged 29yrs, s/w Ann E., James, Olive, Isabella and Lemington Sternbeck, [JD]
Sternbeck, Lemington, d. no dates, aged 15mths, s/w Ann E., James, Laurence, Olive and Isabella Sternbeck, [JD]
Sternbeck, Olive, d. no date, aged 41yrs, s/w Ann E., James, Laurence, Isabella and Lemington Sternbeck, [JD]
Sweetman, Alice Jane Ann, d. 30 Jul 1863, aged 18days, s/w Ann Sweetman , [JD]
Sweetman, Ann, d. 23 Jul 1863, aged 20yrs, w/o George Sweetman, s/w Alice Jane Ann Sweetman, [JD]
Sweetman, Arthur Herbert, d. 20 Sep 1915, aged 33yrs, same grave as William Sweetman, [JD]
Sweetman, George Thomas, d. 19 Jul 1862, aged possibly 24yrs, s/o Harriet and illiam Sweetman, [JD]
Sweetman, Sarah J., d. 30 Oct 1940, aged 91yrs, [JD]
Sweetman, William, d. 28 Mar 1890, aged 52yrs, same grave as Arthur Herbert Sweetman, [JD]
Sweetman, William, d. 7 Jul 1885, aged ?0yrs, [JD]
Thompson, Charles J., d. 27 May 1869, aged 12yrs, [JD]
Thompson, Eliza Mary, d. 26 Sep 1943, aged 89yrs, s/w Richard H. Thompson (husband), [JD]
Thompson, Richard H., d. 28 Mar 1881, aged 29yrs, s/w Eliza Mary Thompson (wife), [JD]
Turner, Ann, d. 27 Jan 1882, aged 49yrs, s/w John Turner (husband), [JD]
Turner, John, d. 11 Mar 1902, aged 83yrs, s/w Ann Turner (wife), [JD]
Turner, Mary, d. 9 Dec 1927, aged 74yrs, [JD]
Walmsley, John, b. 13 Aug 1826, d. 19 Feb 1893, aged 66 yrs, of Rose Hill Millfield, s/w Mary Walmsley, [JD]
Walmsley, Mary, d. 1 Jun 1904, aged 83yrs, s/w John Walmsley, [JD]
Ware, Elizabeth, d. 2 Jan 1852, aged 18yrs, w/o George Ware, [JD]
Watts, Thomas, d. 2 Jan 1850, aged 14days, s/o Jane and Joseph Watts, [JD]
Weir, James Andrew, d. 13 Nov 1847, aged 5wks, [JD]
Wilkins, Barry Ronald, b. 13 Oct 1936, d. 23 Aug 1992, s/w Ellen Marea Wilkins (wife), [JD]
Wilkins, Ellen Marea, b. 6 Oct 1937, d. 23 Aug 1992, s/w Barry Ronald Wilkins (husband), [JD]
Woodbury, Ambrose, d. 20 Jun 1890, aged 9yrs 4mths, s/w Amy Woodbury, [JD]
Woodbury, Amy, d. 23 Jun 1890, aged 13yrs 7mths s/w Ambrose Woodbury, [JD]
Woodbury, Sarah Jane, d. 7 Feb 1888, aged 13yrs, [JD]
Wookey, James, d. 11 Aug 1852, aged 50yrs, s/w Henry Lloyd, [JD]
Woolbridge, John, d. 8 May 1852, aged 46yrs, [JD]
Wright, Thomas, d. 2 Nov 1868, aged 46yrs, [JD]

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